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How and Where to Download Free Android Antivirus Protection

Android antivirus tools have become increasingly popular for tablet users and smartphone owners running the mobile platform developed by Google. While Android devices are capable of performing a myriad of advanced computing tasks, they are all susceptible to infection by malware packages. When malware and viruses take over, the device can stop working, data can become compromised, and a myriad of different errors can occur. Understanding how and where to download protection is an important step in making certain the device stays secure.

1. Using Google Play
The Google Play database provides information on different Android apps, including free antivirus solutions. Users can easily search for apps based on factors such as popularity, price, and reviews. This helps savvy Android users stay on top of the most intuitive solutions available for their tablets and phones.

2. Explore Amazon’s Appstore
Amazon’s popular Kindle Fire tablet runs on Android, which is why Amazon now provides an app store to Android users. Much like the Google Play database, Amazon’s store is full of solutions that can prove valuable for those users looking for protection they will not need to shell out for. Amazon’s app store can also be navigated easily using the different search options available.

3. Independent App Directories
One of the major advantages provided to Android users is the ability to look for apps that do not necessarily appear in Google’s market. This is in stark contrast to platforms such as iOS, which runs on all Apple devices. Many independent app directories operate online, providing users with in-depth information about the variety of different tools and resources available for their Android devices. Using one of these sites, Android users can easily find a free antivirus tool that will be a powerful protection option for their device.

4. Downloading Directly from Developers
Some Android developers make their products available for download directly on their respective sites. In order to take advantage of these products, it is advisable for Android users to carefully research the options available to them and look for independent reviews of the products they may consider. This will help ensure the free antivirus tools found are safe for use, and have been proven to be effective on other devices.

5. Following Android Expert Sites
There are several different Internet destinations dedicated to exploring all of the recent happenings in the Android world. These resources often include reviews and press releases about new antivirus platforms. As virus developers are constantly creating new threats and infections for Android users, it is essential to stay up to date on the latest protection mechanisms available that can help to keep these dangerous problems out the machine.
Just like a desktop computer, Androids can easily become infested with any number of different problems. By carefully seeking out a free antivirus tool, Android owners can help to keep their device safe from further harm that could be caused by a dangerous infection. As these tools are free, they won’t even require any financial investment.

How to Upgrade Your Antivirus to Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft, and has already attracted significant attention from consumers across the planet. While the exciting new changes included within the operating system are both interesting and innovative, it is essential for Windows users to remember to keep their computer protected when upgrading to a new OS. Antivirus protection is perhaps one of the most important tools available to computer owners, keeping their machines from becoming infected with malicious software. Fortunately, it is easy to upgrade to a new product when using Windows 8.


Downloading a New Version

Many antivirus products available from the big names within the antivirus industry are already available for Windows 8 users. Depending on the unique conditions of the user contract, it may be possible to obtain the updated product for free. Many antivirus products are licensed for one year of usage, meaning the months remaining on the license could be applied to a product that works with Windows 8. Other companies may be willing to refund the unused months of the product, assuming it is no longer functional on the new operating system.


Finding a New Antivirus Product

If the antivirus currently in use on the computer is not compatible with Windows 8, it will be important to find a new product that can expertly keep the computer clean. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information available to consumers regarding what products have been proven to be the most effective at protecting computer systems from damage. Using information, such as consumer reviews, computer users can make an informed decision as to what product will work best for their Windows 8 machine.


Using the Bundled Product

Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 8 is the first operating system from Microsoft to include embedded antivirus protection. This means users who do not currently have an antivirus option installed on their machine can opt to simply use the product that comes with the system. This embedded product is a new and improved version of Windows Defender. It is up to computer users to determine whether they feel comfortable using the product to keep their machine running without any interference from viruses or spyware. Some users will likely want to seek out software programs from third parties who have proven themselves to be experts within the antivirus field.


Protecting a Windows 8 machine from viral infection is an important responsibility for any computer owner. By making certain to upgrade programs currently running on the machine, such users can help protect their technology and ensure no viruses are able to enter their unprotected computer system. Some antivirus manufacturers may be a bit behind the curve, meaning it will take some time for veritable powerhouse solutions to be developed for the Windows 8 platform. By ensuring that whatever product ultimately selected is a good match for the machine and is capable of providing protection, computer users will be taking the necessary steps to remain safe while operating online.

What to Watch Out for When Downloading Files Online

Downloading files online is an activity nearly all computers will take part in at one time or another. From downloading software programs to opening email attachments, it is vital for computer owners to remain alert when downloading content off the Internet. Fortunately, there are several warning signs that can signal suspicious activity. By learning these signs, computer owners can make certain they are protected from the threat of infection by viruses or spyware.

1. Products Appear to Good to Be True
It may seem like a no-brainer, but if a download that holds a software program appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. Be smart by researching programs that report to offer users a lot of functionality for next to nothing. These files could contain viruses or malware.

2. URL Misspellings
Many hackers take advantage of web users by creating websites that are misspelled by one letter. Downloads in these locations will often contain nefarious content that can hurt computer users. Make certain to verify a site’s name and spelling before agreeing to download a file from the destination.

3. Watch Out for .exe Files
.exe files, which execute on the machine when downloaded, are generally software programs. If you receive an attachment that ends in .exe, you should verify that the file is legitimate by contacting the person who sent you the email. If you fail to verify the file’s identity, you could find yourself facing severe consequences.

4. Beware of BitTorrent
Downloading content from peer-to-peer networks is not only of questionable legality, but it comes with too many risks to be worth one’s time. Instead of looking for software on these networks, look to more trustworthy sites. The instances of viral infection on torrent networks is enormous, with many computers opening their doors to threats each year by installing content downloaded in this manner.

5. Look Out for Unsecured Websites
Sites that have invested in extra protection for their users are more likely to offer downloads that are clean and will not hurt the system. You can easily look for this encryption by looking for the lock symbol, which will appear near the address bar in the web browser. Secure websites can also be recognized by the letters HTTPS before the URL, with the S signifying that the site in question is a secure destination.

Downloading content on the Internet allows computer users to unlock the full potential of their technology, installing helpful programs and viewing dynamic content for entertainment purposes. Although no downloads can be verified to be entirely safe, by watching out for these simple warning signs, computer users can keep themselves as protected as possible against threats operating online. Of course, antivirus software should always be utilized on any machine, which can help filter out suspicious files and keep computers safe from harm. Antivirus products are available from a wide assortment of different companies who have created sophisticated tools to block spyware and viruses.

Top 5 Pros and Cons of Downloading Free Antivirus Software

Downloading an antivirus tool is an important step in helping to maintain the security of a computer system. Because many antivirus suites are quite expensive, it isn’t unusual for a computer owner to consider a free alternative. Before installing one of these security suites on your machine, it is important to thoroughly consider both the pros and cons of such a decision. Use the following pros and cons to determine whether using a free antivirus package is a good idea for your system.



  • Free Antivirus Packages Don’t Cost a Cent

A normal antivirus package can be extremely costly. Of course, a free package removes the cost entirely, giving you security without any financial investment.

  • Immediate Installation

Free packages can be found online and downloaded in mere seconds, protecting your computer with little more than a click of the mouse.

  • Regular Updates Keep These Packages Effective

Some computer users mistakenly believe that a free package is likely never updated. In fact, free programs from reputable organizations are often updated as often as more sophisticated programs that are much more expensive.

  • Smaller Size

In addition to the other benefits free antivirus packages represent, many of these programs are much smaller than paid counterparts. For those running older machines without much free space, a product that does not take up much space can be a valuable attribute.

  • No Financial Repercussions for Problematic Software

If you purchase a product that doesn’t work well, you would likely find yourself out the money spent. With a free program, there is no risk should a product not work as advertised. Simply delete the product and move on to a new program that will meet your needs more effectively.



         • Some Free Antivirus Packages Aren’t Safe

Hackers know that free packages are in demand, meaning many seemingly legitimate antivirus tools are actually scams that could hurt your machine. It pays to be extra vigilant when considering a particular software package.

  • Not All Free Packages Are Effective

Free antivirus packages vary greatly in terms of how effective they may be. It is important to understand this when using such a security solution.

  • Some Products Are Not Compatible With All Browsers

Depending on the browser you utilize on your machine, you may be surprised to discover that an antivirus program is not compatible with your browsing habits. Paid solutions are generally more compatible across the board.

  • Free Programs Are Barebones Affairs

Paid antivirus programs generally contain powerful options that can help keep the machine running efficiently by optimizing different areas of the system. Spam filters, parental controls, and data backup tools may also be included. With a free program, these extra perks are rarely made available to the computer owner.

  • Free Antivirus May Contain Paid Prompts

Many antivirus companies offer free products as a marketing tool to push their paid packages. You should be aware that you will likely receive prompts and reminders to upgrade on a continual basis, which can prove to be quite annoying.

Top 5 free antivirus for download

Utilizing an antivirus program is the best way to keep a machine safe from danger. While some of these programs can be quite costly, others can be had without paying a single cent. Of course, it is essential to pay close attention when downloading these software packages, in order to ensure that the product chosen is one that is capable of keeping the computer safe and running effectively. The following 5 are among the best free antivirus programs available.


Avira Free Antivirus 2013

Utilizing a powerful System Scanner, Avira is a good solution for those looking to keep their systems clean continually. The software suite also contains AHeAD Technology, which quickly identifies and blocks any code operating on the machine that may be suspicious in nature. Rather than spending ages fussing with settings and preferences, the Aviva suite also makes it easy to engage and install security essentials without wasting time.



AVG Anti-Virus Free

AVG has become an increasingly popular antivirus provider in recent years. In addition to the virus scanner, this software also includes anti-spyware tools and a suite of additional scanning resources. Unlike other free programs, AVG Anti-Virus Free is also updated on a frequent basis, which is key to keeping the software effective at blocking out new threats that may target the computer.



Microsoft Security Essentials

This simple antivirus program was developed by Microsoft to be used on any machine running Windows. It is easily one of the most simple antivirus packages available, which makes it ideal for those may feel intimated by the wide range of different features that often come standard with antivirus suites. One small negative is that it does not include a silent mode, which may be a harsh compromise for certain users.



Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda Cloud Antivirus performs many of the same features found in other antivirus tools. From scanning for viruses and worms to blocking Trojans and spyware programs, Panda can be used to keep the machine running efficiently and safely. What makes this antivirus different is that all of the work generally performed directly on the machine instead takes place in the cloud itself. This makes it an ideal solution for those who do not have many system resources to dedicate to an antivirus program. Users who install Panda Cloud Antivirus should expect to have relatively the same processing speeds after installation as they experienced beforehand.


avast! Free Antivirus

avast! is another full-featured program that includes several resources that can be useful to the average computer user. One of the most beneficial is the heuristics engine, which looks at the machine continually and will pinpoint issues that may have been missed in previous scans. This makes it ideal for those who may have deeply-entrenched infections on their computer system. The software also includes a wide assortment of other valuable tools and features, including antivirus and antispyware filters that will keep out the most dangerous threats and allow the machine to continue operating safely.

How to Download a Paid Copy of Microsoft Antivirus Tools for Free

Antivirus tools are a computer owner’s first defense against the world of viruses and infections, helping to keep the machine safe from threats on the Internet. A valuable antivirus tool will work to keep the computer continually protected, while also removing any problems as soon as they crop up on the machine. Unfortunately, many computer owners mistakenly spend a small fortune buying an antivirus program to keep their machine safe. In fact, it is often possible to download these programs without paying a cent. It is important to note that the legality of such downloads is questionable, and users should proceed at their own risk.

Download a Trial and Find a Crack

Trial versions of many of the most popular antivirus programs can be found directly from the manufacturers. Downloading the full package from one of these sites will allow a user to take advantage of the software for a set amount of time. Instead of deserting the program once the trial is up, users can simply look for license keys online. These keys are generated by hackers who allow the computer user to utilize the sophisticated tool without spending a dime. A simple search engine query should pull up plenty of different options.


Find a Licensed Copy through a Torrent

Torrents are a popular way for computer users to get paid software packages for free. Using a client like BitTorrent, the computer owner can download his chosen antivirus package from thousands of users across the globe. Many of these antivirus packages include a document that instructs the user as to what key should be entered to unlock the software. Other torrent packages may include programs that have already been cracked and do not need a key to be entered at all.


Edit a Program in regedit

Regedit is the tool included with Windows that makes it possible for everyday users to seamlessly edit the registry and its settings. Many antivirus programs can be disabled from the Internet, making it impossible for the program to interact with any servers. Searching for a registry hack online will allow the user to find the right edit needed to make a particular program function for free. Using regedit, the switch can be made, allowing the program to function fully on the machine. This is a good option for those who have already purchased a program that is set to expire.


Downloading an antivirus package for a computer system should be on of the first steps a user takes to ensure that his machine is kept protected from any potential damage. Instead of paying for an antivirus package off the shelf, the myriad of hacks makes it possible to install one of these sophisticated programs without shelling out hard earned cash to buy it. It is important to note that users may find that a hacked copy of an antivirus may not work as well as a copy from the manufacturer, which could potentially leave the computer at risk.

What Anti-virus Software is Compatible with Windows 8? Find Out And Download

Microsoft’s upcoming release of Windows 8 has many consumers scrambling to find antivirus solutions that will work on the new operating system. Although Windows 8 will have its own operating system antivirus, many customers will likely turn to third-party developers to find an antivirus software program that will work for their machine. The following five products are among the best antivirus solutions available for Windows 8 users, and will ensure that the computer is protected from its very first day of operation.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2013

This updated product from Kaspersky is ready for machines running Windows 8. Along with standard protection against threats like viruses and spyware, Kaspersky Internet Security also features Safe Money technology. Created to protect against online identity thieves, this product allows users to shop online securely. Additional features of the product include antispam, which will keep emails free of unwanted messages, along with a two-way firewall and proactive protection measures to keep users safe while browsing the web.



avast! Internet Security 7

avast! is a full-featured protection package that Windows 8 users will certainly enjoy using. Much like Kaspersky Internet Security, avast! features SafeZone, allowing users to easily conduct sensitive financial transactions on the web without issue. avast! also has Sandbox, which allows products that might be a threat to be launched in total security before being deployed on the machine. This makes it a natural choice for Windows 8 users looking for a safe product with extra perks.




Norton 360

Symantec’s crown jewel in its antivirus crown, Norton 360 carries protection found in relatively few other antivirus packages. 5 unique layers of protection work simultaneously to ensure that threats are unable to gain entry to the machine. Automatic updates make certain users are never left unprotected from new threats. Furthermore, background operation makes it possible for Windows 8 users to rely on this product without a second thought.




Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012

Comodo’s popular platform is so confident that it can repel viruses and spyware that anyone using the software can be reimbursed for repairs if viruses cause an issue. Windows 8 users will profit from Defense+ technology, which isolates suspicious files before they enter the machine. Spyware scanning and cloud based antivirus scanning further boosts this program’s security strength.



BullGuard Internet Security 12

Complete with features like 24/7 support and online backup, BullGuard is a great solution for new Windows 8 users. The product boasts one of the highest malware detection rates in the antivirus industry. Furthermore, BullGuard users can take advantage of features like PC Tune Up and Parental Controls to optimize their machines.


Finding the right antivirus program can be a challenge. By thoroughly comparing all of the products available for Windows 8, users of the new operating system can ensure they are protected against threats on the Internet. Using one of these antivirus products, computer users will keep their machine safe from spyware and viral threats that could otherwise cause great damage.

How to Download Antivirus on Bit Torrent

Antivirus tools are a powerful solution for computer owners that need a way to protect their machines from the spyware and viruses found all over the web. While there is no question that these programs are useful tools, they can also be quite expensive. For those who do not have the means to pay for a normal license, downloading software on Bit Torrent can be a good way to get around the problem. It is important to note that we do not encourage the use of pirated content. Downloading software this way may open the user up to legal action. Should you choose to download pirated software, you do so at your own risk.

Download Bit Torrent
If you do not already have Bit Torrent on your machine, you will need to download a copy of the program on the Internet. This can be done for free at Bit Torrent’s website. There are versions available for both Mac and Windows, making it easy to find the right solution for your computer.

Search for Torrents
Searching for torrents is generally as simple as performing a simple search engine query for the product you are looking for, along with the word torrent. Many different websites cater to torrent users, and can provide links that are helpful in finding the right torrent for your search. Once you have found the right product link, you can copy it and open it within your Bit Torrent client.

Downloading the Application
Launch your edition of Bit Torrent, and then enter the link you will be using to download antivirus software. This will allow the download to start. If you have never used Bit Torrent, you may be unfamiliar with how the process works. Different users “seed” a file, making it available over the net. When you download a file off of Bit Torrent, you are pulling bits of information from the file stored on different computer systems around the globe. This allows the download to occur much faster than it may have occurred if you had attempted so simply download the file directly from one individual user.

Installing the Antivirus
Once you have downloaded the file, you should be able to install it on your machine. Depending on where the antivirus had come from, you may need to find an installation key. Many files include them with the download, although keys can become ineffective after a period of use. You can often find additional keys by canvassing the web for other torrents or information from hackers who have successfully used the program.

It is important to note that antivirus software that has been pirated will likely not be able to receive updates from the antivirus company. There are a host of different issues users can run into when attempting to utilize software obtained in this manner. For that reason, it is always advisable to purchase a legitimate copy of a software program before installing it on your home computer. While pirated solutions are free, they are not legal or as effective as a paid product.

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